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Thank You!

A Huge & Heartfelt THANK YOU to all Golfers, Donors, Attendees, Volunteers 

and everyone else who contributed to making our 3rd Annual Golf Outing a HUGE Success

Our Mission to empower all persons with disabilities by providing knowledge, resources, and improving connections to their families/communities through modified play, adapted toys, and innovative technology in a barrier-free environment.

  • MMM  was created by the founder/owner of Therapeutic Concepts LLC

  • We provide financial assistance to special needs families to access our Educational 1:1 and Group Programming

Thank You to Everyone who joined our 3rd Annual Golf Outing

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2022

Our Scholarship Application is now available!

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What We Do

Special Needs Programming

Our Programs are designed to enable persons of all abilities to increase independence and functioning through Educational/Therapeutic Programming with our adapted equipment. As a family, you can learn how to play and engage with your loved one while increasing their independence. Resources and strategic approaches to learning are provided with all programming.


Adapted Computer Program

Programming & Adaptive Technology

Accessible for All:
modified/adapted therapeutic activities, eye-gaze bars, accessible mice and buttons, adjustable monitors and interactive tablet programs

At Matthew's MIGHTY Mission, we are dedicated to providing resources and skills to help all persons connect to their families/communities. Our 6 week Therapeutic Programs aim to remove barriers many people experience when trying to connect and communicate. All sessions are implemented by Special Needs professionals: Certified Special Educators & Certified Recreational Therapists

Connecting to the Community

All Programs are offered in the community in a 1:1 or small group clinic-setting to aid those with disabilities in overcoming barriers by specialized, therapeutic programming

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Thank You!

Anne Jane.jpg

Thank you to the Family of ANNE JANE LUCIDO for thinking of MATTHEW'S MIGHTY MISSION


Matthew's Story

My name is Matthew Nagy and I was diagnosed with metabolic cytopathy/myopathy at the mitochondrial level when I was 15 months old. After many doctor appointments, my mom found a great physician that was able to put a name to my condition. She was told that the progression of this disease is slow and relentless and it would worsen over time. This is an energy depleting condition and my body has difficulty generating enough energy to fight infection. Due to this, my life expectancy was estimated to be less than 15 years old. However, they underestimated the drive my mom and I have had.


Mine was fighting to stay alive and hers was fighting to get the treatment to keep me alive. We make a great team!!!

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“To effectively communicate, we must realize we are all different in the way we perceive the world.”

-Tony Robins

Contact Matthew's MIGHTY Mission

38257 Mound Rd, Building D, Suite 200
Sterling Heights, MI 48310


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