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What Does the Scholarship Cover

  • Qualifying applicants will be awarded 75% of the total program cost ($157.50 of $210) with the family/parent responsible for the remaining 25% ($52.50) per 6 week program

  •  Families only pay $8.75 per one hour Therapeutic Session

How Long does a Scholarship Last

  • Once a scholarship is awarded, it applies to 3 consectuvie six week programs of the families choice

  • See below for application periods

Who Qualifies

  • Our scholarships are provided to individuals with special needs, based on family financial need, taking into account the amount of persons in a household

Getting Started

To apply for a scholarship, please click the grey 'PDF' icon below. Then fill out the application form, download and save your changes.



Once you have filled out the form completely,


Subject Line: Scholarship

*Don't forget to attach the required tax document with your email submission.

The current application deadline for upcoming 6 week programs is: 

Friday September 30th, 2022

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